Frequently Asked Questions What's the point?

Clean My Screen is made for your enjoyment. If you're not entertained, amused or delighted by seeing cute cats and dogs lick away your photos, there's indeed no point. At least not for you. So we'd suggest to go somewhere else. For everybody else, you're welcome to enjoy Clean My Screen any time and make yourself or the people around you smile.

Does Clean My Screen work on an iPad?

Sure! Clean My Screen is a Universal application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It also supports the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini!

What is a Clean-O-Gram?

A Clean-O-Gram is a special message that you can send to a friend (or enemy). The Clean-O-Gram can be any image on your iPhone or iPod touch, either a photo, a screenshot (e.g. a map to your house) or an image or drawing that you've created in another app. You load the image into Clean My Screen and choose your favorite cleaner. When you select the "Send a Clean-O-Gram"-option, an email is composed and you can send it to whoever you want.

The receiver gets your email with a link in it. When she clicks the link she can download Clean My Screen or Clean My Screen Lite and watch the cleaner reveal the Clean-O-Gram you send her. If she has the full version of Clean My Screen she can even reply with a Clean-O-Gram of her own.

Watch a video of a Clean-O-Gram!

Click here to receive a Demo Clean-O-Gram from us.

What is Stealth Mode? When you put Clean My Screen in Stealth Mode all the interface elements will be hidden. One of the possible uses is to surprise your friends. For example: take a screen shot of your home screen by pressing your device's Home and Power buttons at the same time. A white flash appears and the screen shot is saved in to your Photo Library. Now select this picture in Clean My Screen and enter Stealth Mode. When you then hand your device to a friend and she taps an app icon on your home screen, she will see a licking cleaner instead. Instant fun! Can you please add a Poodle, Persian, Labrador, Burmese, Portuguese Water Dog, Siamese, Husky, et cetera, as a cleaner? We are constantly evaluating new cleaners. However, cleaning the screens of iPhone and iPod touch devices requires a very specialized skill set, and proper training is required. All our cleaners go to Screen Cleaning Boot Camp and only the best recruits are put into active service. Please be patient. Why does it take a while before the cleaning starts and stops? This is done on purpose so you can enjoy the soothing and relaxing experience of watching your screen cleaned. Why is the cleaning not always 100% synchronized? This is due to certain limitations in both the iPhone software and hardware. Screen cleaning is extremely taxing for the relatively slow computer processor used in the iPhone and iPod touch. If there are applications in the background active (for example checking Mail) the screen cleaning might also become slightly a-synchronous. Just stop and start the cleaning will usually help to fix this, but sometimes it's better to restart your device. The synchronization is much, much, much improved on the newer generations hardware like the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the iPad in the 3.0 update of Clean My Screen. Sometimes the video stops but the cleaning continues. How come? This indicates a lack of available memory on your device. You can free some memory by selecting another cleaner or by taking a photo. If the problem persist you can try to restart your device. Can I turn off the cleaning sounds? You can turn the sound volume down with the iPod touch/iPhone volume switches while the cleaning is in progress. The cleaning sounds are purposely set at a low volume, so they aren't too obtrusive. Can I have my own pet in Clean My Screen? Referring to the answer to one of the questions above, your pet needs to pass Screen Cleaning Boot Camp.
If you want us to make a special version of Clean My Screen just for you and some of your friends that is certainly possible. However it is an elaborate and time-consuming process so it is not exactly cheap. If you are still interested please contact us.
??? Is your question still not answered? Please feel free to send us an email. We love email. Thank you.
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